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scrambled tofu

Last Tuesday in Melbourne the weather was foul. Really foul. Howling winds, driving rain and COLD. I lingered in bed until I could no longer justify it, and finally got up to make coffee and breakfast.

One minute later the power went out halfway through grinding the coffee. Damn. A quick check on my phone told me that it was unlikely to be back for 3 hours so I headed off to Pearl Oyster.

This place is just around the corner from me and I’ve only been there once (pre-vegan) for a takeaway sandwich on the way to an airport pickup. This was my first time eating in.

The menu is vegetarian heavy and there are a few vegan choices on the menu. Lots of the others are easily veganisable as well. They are helpful about this, unlike some other places.

I started off with a soy latte (excellent) while I checked the menu. I settled on the Thai scrambled tofu. This was firm tofu scrambled with lots of mushrooms, sweet chilli, ginger, fried shallots and coriander, topped with sprouts. Very delicious. I ordered some toast to go with it, which in hindsight was a mistake, because the serving was large and I ended up very full!

I’m happy to have finally eaten in here, excellent coffee, nice staff and good food.


Pearl Oyster
114 Miller St. Preston VIC 3072


  1. Awesome, another local-ish place! with vegan options that I have to check out 🙂

  2. You must live near me, because Pearl Oyster is one of my locals. They do a great tofu scramble and some of their cakes are vegan. One time I was there, they told me the chef is actually vegan – which explains the vegan-friendly food!

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