eat all the smith & deli sandwiches – #13, the wiggum

the wiggum

When I first started The Great Smith & Deli Sandwich Project, I ate the sandwiches roughly in the order I thought I would like them best…which put The Wiggum a bit of a way down the list. It wasn’t calling to me in the way that some of the earlier ones were.

But I was so wrong.  It deserves a place much further up my rankings than I thought.

The filling is BBQ grilled tofu, maple BBQ sauce, slaw, pickles, chipotle aioli. This sandwich is the perfect combination of soft, crisp, sweet, sour, hot, smoky and it is delicious.

It comes untoasted by default. I took mine home and toasted one half and ate the other untoasted. I preferred the toasted version, but then I think just about any sandwich tastes better toasted, 🙂

Another winner.


Smith & Deli
111 Moor St
Fitzroy, 3065

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  1. I love that this looks really tasty and substantial without mock meat – was wondering if you have been going in on weekends – are the queues getting more manageable or are they still out the door?

    • rosalie says:

      Hi Johanna, I’ve been in on both weekdays and Saturdays and the Saturdays are a bit busier, but it isn’t crazy like it was. Still a wait, but more like 10 mins rather than 30. Worth it though. And yes I did love this sandwich and it was nice to have a non mock meat one for a change.

  2. Linda says:

    Yeah, I’m far more crazy about tofu and tempeh than I am about mock meats. This one looks really good!

  3. I’ve had this one, but it wasn’t my favourite – only because there didn’t seem to be enough smoky aioli on it – I couldn’t even taste it! 🙁

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